​At The Smile Store, we carry a variety of perfect fit dentures, precision partials, and revolutionary implant alternatives. All our products are highly esthetic and with our proprietary processes, patients can be sure to get the same high-quality products at all our locations that are backed by a 4-year warranty. With over 50 years of experience, a wide array of prosthetic and cutting-edge technology, we are able to create beautiful, natural smiles that a fit so perfectly you’ll forget you’re even wearing a prosthetic!


Our Clinicians and staff provide exceptional care and support to our patients. At The Smile Store, we work as a team to ensure that our procedures and protocols are continually updated. In order to keep up with the latest in technology, material advancements, and procedures our employees attend continued education and training. We strive to provide our patient with the best results and experience possible at all our locations. When joining The Smile Store, all our employees go through extensive and advanced training ensuring that you, our patients, receive the same quality, services, and products at any of our locations. 


​Smile Store is a team of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of their patients by restoring confidence through high clinical and prosthetic standards. We deliver excellence that clinicians prefer for their patients and patients recommend to their loved ones. Smile Store builds loyal customers and team members for life by delivering positive experiences and treatment plans that fit all lifestyles.





We promise to provide quality care and protection for our patients. We back our products, even if they are temporary, because we feel strongly that no one deserves to experience another day of poor oral health. The Smile Store encourages our patients to seek the best treatment possible for their health and the best quality materials to avoid excessive wear and tear.

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9597 Central Ave
Montclair, CA 91763

Tel: (833) 900-1050   Fax: (833) 200-5265


*Free consultations are reserved for cash paying patients only. The Smile Store reserves the right to bill payers of insured patients. No out-of-pocket expenses will be incurred by procedure related appointments.

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